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Mosheh Eesho Muhammad is currently running for US President in 2020

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    I don't like having my picture taken, and I dont 'feel' like smiling for pictures, but I may do so, as part of my honest effort to help my fellow humankind, and not let personal weakness or frailty prevent my efforts. And since I have run for office in 2012, and am doing so again to fix the wrongness of our government and it's many entrenched problems, I see no honest reason to smile, since the reason I ran and run again for office, is because those in government today piss me off, due to their lack of vision, commitment, and lack of faith in doing the right thing.  

    If I thought for a moment that those in power or even those running the major charities of this nation could be trusted to solve our worlds problems, then I would not of been running for President, and I would not be building a massive super charity to be known as the Empirical Church, but I know as you do, that they are completely incapable of solving anything, and for too long it has been stagnation and debt and waste, over and over again, and I for one KNOW there is a better way to run our nation and world, and while I may be completely un-worthy, I must try anyway, as I know for a fact that YOU the people of earth need my help, and though you may reject me, I am duty bound to try as I am able to help my fellow humankind.
  I am driven by a simple thought...
 (Romans 15:1)   We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.
  I may not be very strong, but I will try as I am able, I will try to help solve our worlds problems, and if anyone has a problem with that, then let them challenge the worth of my proposals for solution, and if they cannot find real flaw, then by all that is reasonable and logical, they, you, and all human kind should support these efforts, for if you follow someone else, you will get what you ask for.
1) I was born in July, 16, 1969, at 12:36 in the afternoon. When I was born, my parents, immigrants from Colombia, had not chosen a name for me as yet, and having no choice my mother gave my fathers middle name, and so they put  Fabio Correa on my birth certificate, and then, five minutes later, my father showed up and I was renamed Luis Edwardo Correa, because my Grandmother told everyone in the family, that my name would be Luis, but they never fixed the birth certificate, and yet somehow got all my records as Luis, including Social Security, which while supposedly impossible was somehow done without changing the birth certificate, meaning I have two legal identities. And learning this as a teenager, it caused an identity crisis, and then, a Jewish Girlfriend's mother, who did not like the fact that I was not Jewish, insisted that my name was Moshe, and called me Moshe everyday, and always asked, "Where is Moshe" and if asked, she would insist that my name was not Luis, but was instead, Moshe, and eventually it grew on me, and I eventually adopted it, as Mosheh (sounds better) as a third name, to solve for my lack of clear identity.

   The other name of Thezion, comes from Don Mclean's, American Pie album, and eventually, I adopted the name of Mosheh Thezion, which eventually became Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Al-faraj Thezion, because more often than not, people assumed I was Jewish, and while there is a family history of some Jewish ancestors, it is so distant, that I can never claim any Jewish heritage and would never be accepted as a Jew unless i take a blood test, and am for the most part a mutt with Spanish, Portuguese, South American Indian, and perhaps a mix of any of several distant races. The rest of my name was added on over time to form a sense of completion. I like to believe, my name is "Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Fabio Luis Edwardo Correa Rodirguez Hiraldo Al-faraj Thezion"...  11 names long, because my personality is so vast that it requires at least 11 names to properly identify the unique awesomeness of this individual, and even if that is not true, I like to believe it is.
2) As a young man, I grew up with an Athiest Father who is responsible for inspiring my interest in the sciences by always handing me credible popular science magazines, and a Religious mother, who tried her best to inspire the basic concepts of religion, yet, I was as a child, rather nieve and aborbed little of any of it, while sure I remember the stuff, and it did slightly effect me, but I lacked any real understanding of it other than to say I knew what the words meant, and rairly obsorbed cultural things unless it came from repetative influences from my best friend, which was the Television, and as such I grew up ignorant of most concepts of strength in religious morality, and was unable to absorb much of anything from religion other than a few key ideas which have stuck. And having extreme Asthma as a child, I could not go out and play, and spent most of my childhood channel surfing the Television, and at one point had the entire TV guide memorized, and I watched not only cartoons, but the news, and various TV programming of the 70's all of which left me woefully ill equipped to deal with my own adolescence, as I was most often, a shut in, due to my ashtma.
    At the age of 9-10, I remember asking God, in tears, why there is so much trouble in the world, and it was for myself as if the lord had reached down and removed the cover from my eyes, which I now identify as an Epiphany of understanding, where by the clarity of the problems of our world was made clear, however the solutions were still very lacking.
3) As a teenager, with the development of raging hormones, and surging testosterone, I got in trouble often enough, and can honestly say, I was a very sinful young man, and I began to use drugs. In fact the truth is, I have used more drugs than I can possibly describe, pounds and pounds of Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Alcohol   etc...  and intoxication became a daily norm, which continued into my twenties, and along the way, I fell victim to my own personal devil time and time again, and am guilty of many many sins, in many forms, and was convicted of numerous crimes, including car theft (Convicted of Joy riding, however, I never intended to steal a car, but as I ran away from home, having a heavy bag, and no money, I happened to find a car with keys in it, and wrongly took the opportunity.), then also drug possesion, trespassing, and endless petty traffic offenses.   (But I have never hurt anyone!   I dont even like killing bugs.)
   So basically, I was never a perfect citizen, and was lost in a drugged haze of confused perverted freedom and loose sexual and moral behavior with friends who more often than not were just as loose in standards as I was, and in decision making was all too often in the habit of listening to my personal devil, and when I turned to my personal angel for a difference of opinion, more often than not, my angel was stoned out of his mind, and could only shrug his shoulders, and gave no arguments to the proposals of my devil. And so, I tell you, the American (And people of Earth) people, that indeed, I am not worthy of office, and I make no claim of being such, and can only express to you, that eventually, I saw the light and found religion, and repented for my sins, and gave up my sinful ways.

4) In my late teens and early twenties, being completely bored and frustrated with the slow pace of College, and because of the pain of being in love with a wild and loose lesbian who's love I could not win, I began to use Methamphetamine (7 years) in a daily effort to lose myself in the pursuit of the only thing more interesting than her, which was mother nature herself (science), and while having no hope of success, I adapted myself to the OCD condition of pursuing all her secrets, by attempting to develop a Unifying Field Theory,  to which I had no real hope of attaining, and for myself, it was the pursuit which mattered, because as long as I pursued nature and science as a love, I was free of my obsession with Tonya the lesbian. Eventually To my utter shock, after spending years in libraries, and writing 7000 pages of  hand written notes, I developed what I believe to be that Unifying Field Theory, the ramifications of which has lead me here to build this web site, to run for office, and work on world wide solution plans for the problems which plague humankind.   And in 2000 / 2001 I ventured to get an Associates degree from ITT Technical Institute, and graduated Valedictorian in electronic engineering,  for use in developing personal projects.  
       This Unifying Field Theory is availible here
       ...>       http://godtheory.empiricalchurch.org/Moshehs-Unifying-Field-Theory/
5) This recognition of the potential for a God as a creator, had a profound effect on my mind, and lead to the further study of religion, and my repentance for my past behaviors and sins, and provided the essence of strength to which I used to begin an analysis of behavior and the how and the why I had been so weak in the past and had sinned so often, and this resulted in marked changes in my beliefs, and thus my attitudes, and so my behavior, to which I am most grateful.   Faith, can be a very powerful thing, and with the development of Unifying Field Theory, faith became a matter of evidence, and not just acceptance, and with it, doubt, can be removed in volume.
   Eventually, I was walking in Hollywood CA, and as I walked, a wheel chair bound, crippled homeless woman, stopped in the middle of a side street, on Sunset Blvd, right besides a large Catholic Church, and crawled down from her wheel chair onto the floor of the side street, and she screamed to the passing Mercedes and other cars, "arrggghh.... I dont care!!!!" And then to my horror, she bent down, and began to drink from the gutter.
     At that moment, all the words of Jesus came flooding back to me, and began to reverberate in my skull, and at that moment I knew what I must do, and that was to dedicate myself to finding a long term solution to this very real problem of not only our own nation but the entire world. That night, I began to form a new church, so as to address this core issue, of compassion and love and family, as described by Jesus, the Bible and most world religions... See---- > http://empiricalchurch.org/
   To be able to embrace the whole world, I created a pluralist religious order, based on a foundation of science and religious faith, as derived from consideration of my Unifying Field Theory, and organized it, to fulfill the sacerdotal function of love and family, instead of the typical effort of worship, prayer and preaching.
   To this day, it is but infantile in it's form, and as of yet, I am it's only active member, yet I am hopeful for it's long term eventual development. (5-25-2015)
   Immediately, after writting it's foundation and building it's web site, I came to quickly see it's limitations, as while it could serve the homeless three percent 3% of our nation, it could not solve the underlying problems of our stagnant economies, and the entrenched problems of our world, and if it was to grow in size, and attempt to do so, it could only do so, by replacing the governments of our world, and in doing so, would become a problem in itself, and always there would be those who desire and deserve the free market and the non-religious freedom of the secular world economy, and would see such a church order, as a theocratic oppressive force, and since my concern is for all human kind, I began to consider larger scale solutions for the vast world wide problems of economic poverty and how we as a whole could solve not only the problem of the poorest of the poor but of the whole world, and eventually, I believe I developed an adequate solution for these problems as well.     Which if implemented would end all world poverty, and allow such a church to serve it's core function of helping the meekest of the meek, rather than attempting large scale control of the global economy.
   These solution proposals are, or were put forward here...>  http://mosheh.org  ( THIS SITE IS NO LONGER UP)
   After several years of writing abundant (sometimes insulting) letters to every nation on earth, concerning these economic solution plans, and being completely ignored, it has dawned on me, that if such solution plans are to be implemented then I must do so myself, as I cannot expect the politicians as they stand to do much of anything. Since, for the past 80 years, they have allowed the robbing of our freedom, and have sold our people out to foreign powers, and on the whole seem to suffer from a complete lack of vision. The same of which can be said of the International Bankers, and whom ever is advising them, since their methodology is nothing more than an extension of the same old world enslavement tactics, under the disguise of world wide corporate nation status out of the U.N. and funded by complicated banking schemes of power and control.     All of which is highly flawed and limited to say the least. And I have devoted myself to the effort of offering the powers that be a much more effective means of accomplishing the same goals of world government, but using polar opposite methods such as ending all world debt, ending all world poverty, expanding the free market, restoring real freedom, and building a proper future destiny of prosperity for our species, and making money doing it.
6) So let it be clearly known, that I do not consider myself as being worthy of public office, or any office, in fact it will not be difficult for my opponents to attack me and to degrade my image, as the truth be told, rather than suggest to you that I am moralIy superior, or an intelectual elite, or deserving of  leading you, I prefer to humble myself and say clearly, that I am less than the dirt on the bottom of your shoes, and should not be considered as being anything but that, and I would make no claim of being better than any other human, or worthy of being your leader.. no.. If anything I am applying for the job of leadership generally, so that I may be your humble servant, literally. I ask to be your servant, not your leader, and everything I try to do is to try and help my people. However in the case of the Church, and Empirical Order, I would need to be an actual leader to ensure goals are met.
   I ran for office in 2012, simply because I had no choice, because we have lost the Constitution as law, and our present politicians seem completely incapable of solving for these many entrenched problems, and I have been compelled beyond my ability to stop myself to stand and try and do something about it.
   The truth is, I lived my life as a foul sinner, and I am still technically a sinner, but I have found God in my life, and I have repented for my sins and past behavior and I can only hope it is enough to save my soul.      And in this life, I recognize Jesus as lord of this earth, and feel that it is the role and purpose of the religious people of our earth to take steps to wrestle it away from the hands of Satan, which all too often has been in charge.
  Today, I am Common Law married to the most wonderful, kind, and beautiful woman I have ever met on earth, she is my muse, and I would express that I quit smoking Tobacco cold turkey, over 10 years ago, and will never under any circumstances smoke again, as these substances bring no benefit to a persons life, and are literally like chains which enslave us, either to chemicals, or bad habits of behavior, and knowing the pains of addiction, I honestly feel, I can help others in dealing with their consumptive problems.
   The key to overcoming addiction is to recognize how it stands in the way of doing better things, and to want those better things, and to learn to hate the chains which bind us to our failures. And break those chains.
SEE.......>      http://selfimprovement.empiricalchurch.org/MORALS-VALUES/

......For considerations in recognition of the challenge of overcoming personal evil. It will not be an easy battle, and it cannot happen over night, but together human kind as a species, can learn to lock up our personal devils, and set humanity free of the burden of sin, while at the same time, allowing for the freedom of the individual to make their own decisions, without force, or needing abundant legislation to enforce morality, since those values should be taught as common place, and easily promoted in our schools, prisons, and on every street corner in a general sense, by the media at large.
   So, while I have indeed lived as a sinner, with very loose liberal values, it is that life and the recognition of it's flaws, which has converted me, and turned me into the SEMI-conservative which I am today, because loose liberal values has lead our nation into social norms of  heavy drug abuse, loose sexual behavior, open sin, the killing of the un-born, a degradation of marriage, and the promotion of values and concepts which are themselves inherently satanic,   meaning in essence, the concept of freedom has been perverted into meaning freedom from responsibility, shame, and guilt, and God, and that is NOT freedom, and is instead, enslavement to Satanic concepts and bad brainwashing by our loose media and secular educational systems.
But I am here to say, it's not too late.
    I do not stand before you, and come to you as a worthy man, and you should know that instead, I come before you as a man, who is humbled by my own faults, shamed by my own sins, and guilty of my own crimes against myself, my God, and my people, and I can never wash away those sins, and they are like black stains on my soul which can never be washed away.  But, the bad behavior, and bad habits, CAN be overcome, and I promote very clear ways to help all my brothers and sisters overcome their negative tendencies and habits.  (In the above link) ----   http://selfimprovement.empiricalchurch.org/MORALS-VALUES/
  All I can do, is try to be my best, by fighting for what I know to be right, and that is why I ran for office, as an attempt to do and be the best I can be, by helping my people, instead of just hiding in a corner, or standing in public office like most politicians, and accepting things the way they are. (Things today, are not as they should be or could be.)
   Just because we have sinned, and made mistakes, does not mean we should give up, give in, and accept what is wrong,  in our lives, our enviorment, or our nation and politics.    We must fight on.
 (Romans 15:1)   We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.
   The Constitution SHOULD  be restored as the rule of law, and with it, the common law freedom it provides, where our government has limits, and where people are expected to be gentlemen and ladies, and where morality is common place, and sin and loose ways are no longer mainstream in our schools, our media, and most especially in our daily lives, and the lives of our children.  
   Now, having said all of that, as of 4-15-2015, I am no longer running for office in 2016, but as an individual I offer my help and service to any candidates who may seek my help as an advisor. (2020)

  I seek your help, to help you and your people.   To be clear...  I do not want your money...   We will raise all the money we need, but if you are reading this, and understand even 1/2 of what we are doing.... then we need you...   not your money... you.. to help us solve this worlds very real problems.
   The greatest challenge is breaking through the stupidity of the world leaders...  to get them thinking, and working on these long term goals.  If you have any power to effect the minds  of these global leaders, then please do so.


 -Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Fabio Luis Edwardo Correa Rodriguez Hiraldo Al-faraj Thezion

Caliph of God

Avatar General of the Empirical Order of God's children